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Hi-Gloss Cream


for Mr & Mrs Noblett, Eccleston


A Master Bedroom and En-suite Dressing room, The First of Three Superb Contemporary made to measure Bedrooms fitted for the " Mum and Dad " of a lovely young family. Working closely with their favourite builder, We advised that the room would function much better if the main doorway to the room was re-positioned and the existing door and wall between the main room and dressing room area were removed to " open up " the area and make the two rooms look as one and therefore create a much more spacious environment which would ultimately function so much better for them.
They agreed, as they had put up with such a narrow walk through from the main room through the dressing room to the en-suite bathroom for years and were always dodging each other in the mornings and evenings which, being loving, was not how they wanted their relationship to continue ! We produced detailed hand-drawn perspective views and floor plan drawings showing exactly how the new space would work, all the details, of which, proved invaluable  to the builder and electrician as the project commenced. We visited site on numerous occasions to ensure advice was given where needed and the details on the drawings were being followed precisely.
We incorporated a " Dainty " dressing table, matching stool and wall mirror  for Mum to use and managed to increase Dad's hanging space considerably because, as always, Mum had taken over ! Although a Traditional " Over Bed " top area storage facility was provided, choosing to have the whole  furniture design in a Hi-Gloss Cream finish with new Chrome "spoon" shaped handles perfectly freshened this traditional design solution and gave " Mum and Dad " exactly the look they were wishing to achieve, with the LED spotlights under the overhead cupboards splendidly creating mood lighting their look  was complete.......Mum loved that !!!......Dad said.... " Can't afford anymore kids love "... Mum said "  At least I can now see what I'm reading !
With two Full Height Mirror doors in the Dressing room area this further enhanced the spacious feel of their New Bedroom, as a final touch we even designed a special headboard, much higher than standard to create an entirely different look and made it appear as though it " floats " by setting it forward off the wall behind the bed. They Both Loved that! Another Very Happy Couple.......




Dad said " The whole job is just as Beautiful as you said it would be "
Mum said " I feel so much more relaxed, the Bedroom just Looks and  Works Marvellously for Us and who knows it may prompt me to put my book away !!!
Here's hoping !!! ......but Big thanks all at Perfect Harmony. X "


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