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Smooth Pure White


for Mr & Mrs Atkinson, St. Annes


 As a Second thought our client asked us if it was possible to build a " special cupboard " under their stairs as they were having their Main Bedroom fitted by us. We said " Yes, No Problem " our furniture is completely made to measure and suits any purpose. They asked a couple of joiners in to see if they could do it, they scratched their heads a bit, because they had never done it before they inflated the price to cover their inexperience and one  of them never even got back to them with a price ! Obviously didn't want the job !!!
At the same time as fitting the Main Bedroom we also fitted the Understairs cupboard in the same week !!! Saving them money by not having two deliveries and two separate fitting dates. We even re-fitted the carpet.
Having a completely flexible product and the true know how enabled us to satisfy what was just a fleecing comment made when we were discussing the fitting of the main bedroom... As they say it's good to never know where it may lead, in this case, having asked qualified joiners and not got
any joy they stumbled on just the right answer............ Us !!!



" We thought long and hard about what to do with that space, it was always an eye-sore as soon as you walked into our home, a bung hole area really !!!
You provided a perfect solution and we are so pleased......all the doors open beautifully and the storage in there is huge......the joining together of the two smallest doors and using a push catch to open them was just such a great idea...........thank-you Perfect Harmony........ By the way......Our Main Bedroom looks Brill !!!
We will be having our daughters bedroom done soon and will definitely be giving you a call X "


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